Tampnet coverage in the Captain Field

Up until the middle of October, GigSky customers were able to get network access in the Captain Field, despite the Captain field being right on the edge of Tampnet’s coverage as shown on their coverage map (https://www.tampnet.com/coverage-maps).

This was due to Tampnet having a base site under testing on the Captain platform. The amount of customer traffic generated during that period caused severe congestion on the platform's existing data transmission network connecting the platform to the rest of the world. This led the platform operator to introduce roaming restrictions preventing Tampnet traffic from traversing their network.

These restrictions mean that GigSky service is not available in the Captain Field. Tampnet will be installing their own transmission links early next year. When this is completed, we’ll be able to restore mobile data service in that area.

We apologize for the confusion and inconvenience this may have caused our customers working in this area.

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