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Using GigSky offshore - GigSky and Tampnet

Tampnet is the "largest offshore high capacity communication network in the world." It has created off-shore mobile LTE networks in the North Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. In partnership with Tampnet, GigSky offers data plans for use on these networks.

LTE bands

Tampnet uses the following LTE bands: 28, 20, 8, 3, 1 and 7.
However, not all LTE bands are used on all base station. In general, LTE bands 3 and 20 are used across most base stations, while the others are only used on some of the base stations.

NOTE FOR IPHONE USERS: If you're not able to connect to Tampnet when the Voice & Data setting is set to 5G Auto, change it to LTE.

eSIM-compatible devices

Just use the GigSky app to select a North Sea or Gulf of Mexico plan from those available in "Offshore".

Plastic SIM card

If you do not have an eSIM-compatible device, you can request a plastic SIM card from Tampnet by completing and submitting a form on Tampnet's website here:

The page contains a button labelled "ORDER A SIM CARD" which opens the form to request a SIM card. 

Coverage maps

Tampnet's website has a page containing coverage maps for its networks in the North Sea and Gulf of Mexico:






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