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What is GigSky's Refer a Friend program?

  • Get USD 3.00 / EUR 3.00 / GBP 2.00 / JPY 360 of GigSky credit for each friend you refer who becomes a GigSky customer and purchases a data plan.
  • Once you sign-up for a GigSky account, you will receive a personal invitation code by email. You can also find your code in the menu section of the app:

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Distribute your code to friends, colleagues and family by email or from the app.

  • Each friend you refer will get the same amount of GigSky credit when they sign up for GigSky using your referral code. It’s a win for you and your friend.
  • You’ll receive rewards each time a new user signs up with your code and buys a data plan. Earn up to $100 of GigSky credit per year!

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