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How do I unlock my mobile device from a US carrier?

In order to use GigSky’s service, your device must be unlocked. This article explains how you can go about unlocking your device from a US carrier. If you didn’t get your device from one of the US carriers, please contact your home carrier about unlocking your device.


Unlocking happens automatically as long as you do the following:

  • Purchase and activate your device on Verizon

  • Keep your account current by making your payments on time

  • 60 days after purchase, your phone will be unlocked automatically

This applies whether you paid for your device in full or if you’re on a payment plan.

Verizon unlocking policies

Verizon Customer Service: 1-800-837-4966


In order to have your device unlocked:

  • The phone has to be linked to an active AT&T plan

  • You paid in full when you bought the device

  • You paid off your device installment plan early

    • NOTE: it must be at least 60 days from the original purchase date.

  • It must not have been reported as lost, stolen, or involved with fraud

  • Your account balance is current and has no past-due bills

For AT&T PREPAID, you cannot unlock your phone until you’ve had six months of service.

If you meet all the requirements, you must complete the device unlock form on the AT&T website.

AT&T unlock guide

AT&T Customer Service: 1-800-331-0500


The prerequisites for unlocking a device on prepaid and postpaid plans are as follows:

  • You bought the device through T-Mobile

  • The phone must not have been reported as lost or stolen.

  • Your account has to be in good standing.

Then, for Postpaid plans:

  • Wait 40 days from the activation date.

  • You must pay off the device in full.

Or, for Prepaid plans:

  • Wait one full year from activation.

  • If the phone was activated less than a year ago, you must have paid more than $100 in refills since activation.

  • Only 2 device unlocks are allowed per year

If you meet all the requirements, request an unlock in your T-Mobile account or by calling T-Mobile customer service.

T-Mobile unlock guide

T-Mobile Customer Service: 1-800-746-0949


Sprint and T-Mobile have merged, and their device unlocking policies are nearly identical. Sprint’s prerequisites are:

  • The device must be sold by Sprint

  • The phone cannot be reported as lost/stolen, associated with fraud, or flagged for any reason

  • Wait 40 days from activating on Sprint’s network

  • All installments and lease bills must be complete. The device needs to be totally paid off.

If your device is inactive and no longer being used, you’ll need to contact Sprint’s customer service to request an unlock.

Sprint unlock guide

Sprint Customer Service: 888-211-4727

Metro by T-Mobile

Formerly known as Metro PCS, Metro is now operated by T-Mobile. The unlocking procedure is slightly different to T-Mobile’s. The prerequisites are:

  • You must purchase the device from Metro.

  • The phone cannot be reported lost, stolen, or blocked.

  • It must have been 180 days since the device was activated.

Apple devices are unlocked automatically. There are separate instructions for Android devices.

Metro unlock guide

Metro Customer Service: 888-863-8768

Boost Mobile

Now Sprint has merged with T-Mobile, Boost Mobile’s customers are now part of DISH Wireless.

Boost Mobile won’t automatically unlock your phone or notify you whether you’re eligible or not, and you can only make an unlock request by calling Boost Mobile’s customer service line.

The prerequisites are:

  • It must be a SIM unlock capable Boost Mobile device.

  • It must not be reported lost, stolen, or blocked.

  • The device has been active for 12 months or more on the account.

  • The device’s account is in good standing and active.

Boost Mobile unlocking policy

Boost Mobile Customer Service: 833-502-6678


From 2016, most of UScellular’s phones have been sold as unlocked. You can find a list of the phones that are sold as locked on the UScellular website. These phones are locked for 120 days by default, but there are ways to unlock them sooner if you’re a postpaid plan user:

  • Pay for your device in full and have an account in good standing

  • Be a former customer who has completed all financial obligations to UScellular

Prepaid plan customers have to wait the full 120 days, after which the phone will be unlocked automatically.

UScellular unlocking policies

UScellular Customer Service: 888-944-9400

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