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World Data Plans

GigSky is offering on the Dual SIM iPhones the availability of a new World Data plan that covers over 100 countries. These plans are designed for travelers who will be traveling to multiple regions during a trip and prefer to just have one travel plan and eSIM to worry about. 

The plans are 15 and 30-day plans. 

Please note: Doing a "Top Up" or purchasing a regional data plan with the World Plan active will not add data to the World Plan or extend the expiry date of the World Plan. For regions other than Europe, once the World Data Plan has expired, the Regional Data Plan will start to consume data and be used until the duration or data is expired. For Europe, if you add a regional plan to your World Plan, you will have to go the Settings -> Cellular/Mobile and turn on the GigSky Plan 4 eSIM for Europe to be used in the Cellular Plans section and select it to be used in the Cellular Data section.

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