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How to change from Regional Plan to Global Plan

There are two ways to change from a Regional Plan (or country plan) to Global Plan and back.

First way;

  1. In the GigSky App, tap the circle on the top left
  2. Select Active Plans
  3. Select the Plan to be activated
  4. Tap Select


  1. In the GigSky App within the purchased data plan, there are 3 headings Country, Region, Global
  2. You should tap the heading of the plan type you would like to activate
  3. Tap Select

The phone will disconnect for a moment while the plan is changing from one to the other.  Tap Retry, and it will show a connection.

If you have any questions which of these two scenarios apply to your account, please do not hesitate to contact GigSky support at, we will gladly provide assistance.

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