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Getting Started: Using GigSky service on my Windows Connected PC

When first trying to activate the GigSky service on your Connected PC, please follow these steps.

1. Open the Mobile Plans app on your PC. You should see the following window. Select Continue

Screenshot (48).png

2. If you have a GigSky account, select Login and enter your GigSky account details. If you don't have a GigSky account, select Sign Up and complete the required steps.

Screenshot (50).png

3. When you have logged in, purchase a plan for your desired destination.Screenshot (52).png

4. It will take a minute or two to download and activate your eSIM.

Screenshot (54).png

5. Close the app.

6. If you are ready to use your GigSky plan, select the connectivity icon and make sure that cellular data is turned on. Then select More cellular settings to finish configuring your device.

7. Make sure that Data roaming options is set to Roam.

8. Select Mobile operator settings and make sure that the GigSky APN is activated/applied for both Internet APN and Attach APN. If it isn't, select Add APN and create a new APN setting of type Internet and attach with the APN value of gigsky.


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