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GigSky ZTE router - Manually select Radio Access Technology

Radio Access Technology can only be manually selected using the web interface:

  1. Connect a device to the Wi-Fi network of the router. The SSID and password (WiFi key) are on the back of the router.
  2. Open a browser window and navigate to
  3. Enter the password “admin” and tap “Login”.
  4. Locate “PC | Mobile” and tap “PC”.
  5. Tap “Yes” in the confirmation pop-up.
  6. Turn the connection off by toggling the switch under “2 My router”.
  7. Tap the upper of the two “Settings >” buttons.
  8. Tap “Network Selection”.
  9. Tap the dropdown menu, select “3G Only”, and then “Apply”.
  10. Return to the home screen and toggle the switch to “ON”. Tap “Yes” in the confirmation pop-up. The router will then connect to the cellular network.



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