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Introduction to GDPR

As you may know, we have recently taken actions to comply with the new GDPR regulation in the EU, this is to harmonize legislation throughout EU. This applies to all European countries and they will have more control over their data, specifically, all data which can be used to identify a person, includingName, Address, Email Address, IP Address, etc. 

The fundamental principle of the regulation is the right to privacy and protection of EU citizens by giving them right to anonymity in the data that they share with businesses and enterprises. To ensure this, GDPR put the onus on businesses to obtain consumer consent, which must be “freely given, specific, informed, and unambiguous.”. However, we need to make sure that we do not include more than what we need in our interactions, ignoring any information given to us which is not relevant, out of our records. Specific instances of GDPR regulations include explicitly stating what online information about citizens is being sourced and the purpose for collection. This includes opt-in options for all online sourcing of personal information or Personally Identifiable Information (PII) as it is known in the US. If consumers do not agree with how the data is used, there must be an option to opt-out of sharing information.

For more general information regarding the GDPR, please check the 5CA support pages here as well:

Possible requests

You may encounter some situations in which customer's want/need to know what personal information about them we have in our system. More specifically, these scenarios:

  • Access their information
    The customer can request to access the information that we hold on them within our system and we need to present this to them in a machine-readable format.
  • Rectification request: (which usually can happen after they access their information)
    Is a request to change information that we hold on a customer which is incorrect. This can be the name, phone or address.
  • Deletion request:
    We can only delete information that there is no legal reason to hold or that they have to file a consent form. For example, information related to tax-related purposes cannot be deleted.


If you encounter any of these examples in your daily activities, you need to proceed with the following actions. This is how it works:

  1. The customer contacts our support team with any of the above requests.
  2. Inform the customer that they have to send out an e-mail to
  3. Once the customer had sent out the request to the client, they will provide the customer with an acknowledgment of receiving the request.
  4. They will forward the request to the 5CA Legal team, for further editing/deletion of customer data from the 5CA systems.

Logging the case

When you log the case, make sure to not add any of the customer's information in the new ticket!

  1. Add the macro for the project that the ticket is for.
  2. Make an internal comment with the customer's request and how you've handled it. Include the project's compliance e-mail address where the customer had been referred to.
  3. If the customer is already in the system, link the customer to the ticket. Don't write sensitive information or customer details in the case comments.
  4. Name the ticket in the Title: "GDPR REQUEST"
  5. Submit the ticket as solved.
  6. Send the link for the ticket to (Again, don't add information from the customer in this e-mail)

What if the customer is not willing to send their request to themselves?

  1. Create the ticket as described above, make sure that the case is linked to the customer's details. (Don't write the customer's information in the case comment)
  2. Send the ticket link to the e-mail address. (include in the e-mail a note that the request has to be sent from 5CA to the client)
  3. Escalate the ticket to L2 and they will send the request to the client. Once the client confirms 5CA will process the request and delete/edit/provide all needed information.

As always, when in doubt, please reach one of your Senior Agents and we will gladly help you.

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