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SIM replacement using GigSky's Web Client

1. Go to the GigSky web site and click on "My Account".


2. Log in to your GigSky account.


3. You'll see a screen titled "SIM Replacement Required". To request a replacement, click on "I want a replacement SIM".


4. You'll then be prompted to enter a mailing address.


5. Complete the address and click "Submit".


6. A confirmation pop-up will be displayed. Click "OK".


7. The dashboard for your current SIM card will display a message that explains from when that SIM will no longer be able to be used.


8. When your new SIM card arrives, log back in to your account and go to the SIM Details screen. Click on "Activate new SIM card".


9. Enter the details for your new SIM card. The activation code is printed on the SIM card. Then click "Activate SIM".


10. A screen displaying the correct device settings will then be displayed. Click "Continue".


11. The SIM Details screen will now display the old SIM and the new SIM. Click the radio button for the new SIM card.

12. The dashboard for the new SIM card will be displayed. There is no message shown, as the new SIM does not need to be replaced.


13. If you don't want to buy a plan for the country displayed, click "Add data plan" to find data plans for other destinations. This will display a list of available countries.


14. You may want to hide the old SIM card from the SIM Details screen, making the view less cluttered. To do that, from the SIM Details screen, click the information icon (i) next to the old SIM card, and then click "HIDE SIM".


15. You'll see a pop-up, asking you to confirm the command. Click "OK".


16. You'll then see a further confirmation pop-up. Click "OK".


17. You will no longer see the old SIM card in the SIM Details screen. Note that the system will not allow you to hide all your SIM cards. There must always be at least one SIM visible.


18. If you ever want to reveal or "unhide" the hidden SIM cards, click the "Show Hidden SIMs" switch, and the hidden SIM cards will be revealed. You can set a SIM to be always shown in the list by clicking "UNHIDE SIM" and acknowledging the following pop-up. 





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