Getting Started: Using GigSky on Apple iPad

Apple has ended support for the Apple SIM - all cellular service on iPad is now through the embedded eSIM or physical SIM cards from carriers. The rest of this article covers service provided through eSIM. If you're using the GigSky SIM card, refer to this article:

For the best user experience of GigSky's service, always use the latest versions of iOS and carrier settings. 

To update your version of iOS:

To update your carrier settings:

To purchase a data plan on iPad:

First purchase:

  • If you're setting up your first plan on your iPad, go to Settings > Cellular Data
  • Select GigSky from the list of carriers.
  • Select a set of plans from the ones displayed.
  • Tap Continue.
  • Select your Country of Residence. This is your home country and NOT your destination country.
  • Your destination will be based on your current location. If you want to buy a plan for a different destination, tap Change and select a destination country. You'll be prompted to continue and to select your Country of Residence again.
  • Select the data plan family you wish to purchase.
  • Select a data plan by tapping Buy Now for the plan you wish to buy.
  • If you already have a GigSky account, you can scroll down, tap I already have a GigSky Account and sign in with that account.
  • If you do not already have a GigSky account, you will have to create an account and set up the payment method before continuing with the purchase process.
  • Tap Buy Plan.
  • The eSIM/SIM will be downloaded to the iPad and the plan will be activated. This will take a minute or two.
  • After you receive the message that the Data Plan is Activated/Updated, you are ready to connect and use data.

For a top-up:

  • Go to Settings > Cellular Data.
  • Tap Manage GigSky Account…
  • Tap Account Settings
  • Select the active plan to see the top-up options.
  • Tap the top-up you want to buy.
  • Tap Buy Plan to complete the purchase.


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