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Data is not working with my GigSky service on my iPad with Apple SIM. Why?

If your GigSky service on your Apple SIM equipped iPad does not seem to be working, try the following:

  • Does the signal strength meter at the top left of the iPad screen show any signal?
    • If not, you are in an area with no cellular signal. Please move to an area that shows some signal.
  • If there is a signal, what network name is displayed next to the signal strength meter?
    • If it shows GigSky, check Settings > Cellular Data on your iPad to see if your data plan has expired. If it has expired, you'll need to buy more data.
    • If it shows GigSky, and your plan has not expired, tap Manage GigSky Account... to log into your account and check your remaining data balance. If your balance is zero, you'll need to buy more data.
    • If the network name is not GigSky, and the Settings > Cellular Data > Data Roaming toggle is off, turn it on.
  • If, after trying all the above, your data is still not working, please contact GigSky Customer Service by submitting a request.
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