How do I buy a GigSky data plan on my iPad with Apple SIM?

You buy GigSky data plans for your iPad with Apple SIM using the Cellular (Mobile) Data settings on your iPad.

  • Tap Settings -> Cellular (Mobile) Data -> Set Up Cellular Data.
  • Tap "GigSky" from the list of carriers.
  • Tap "View all GigSky data plans", search for your destination, and select it.
  • Follow the steps in the GigSky portal.

You can purchase a plan up to 30 days in advance or when you arrive in each country on your itinerary. If you plan on revisiting a country, it might make sense to purchase a plan with a longer time period before expiration, that covers the total duration of your trip.

You cannot buy a data plan for your iPad with Apple SIM using the GigSky app.

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