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Use Skype to make and receive voice calls when traveling

When you use GigSky's data-only service on your smartphone, you may want to consider how to make and receive the calls that you would otherwise have made and received using your service provider's SIM. The easiest way to do this is with a VoIP application, for example, Skype.

The way you can implement this for your device is as follows.

  1. Purchase a Skype Number. This is a number that, when called, rings your Skype account, regardless of which device the Skype application is open on. There are a number of features and ways this can be used, such as purchasing a Skype number in each country from where you expect to receive lots of calls, reducing costs for your callers.
  2. Set the Caller ID of your Skype account to be your domestic mobile phone number. This is so that any calls you make from Skype will appear to come from your mobile phone number. Skype takes up to 24 hours to complete the verification of this, by sending an SMS to the mobile phone number you entered, so don't leave this till the last minute before traveling.
  3. Set up Call Forwarding on your mobile phone so that it forwards to your Skype Number. Now, anyone calling your mobile phone number will be forwarded to your Skype number. If you can't answer for any reason, the call will be directed to your Skype voicemail, which was activated automatically when you purchased your Skype Number.

And that's it. All calls to your mobile phone will route to Skype, and all calls from Skype will look as if they came from your mobile phone.

As an approximate guide, Skype lists the following examples of typical data usage:

  • Skype-to-Skype calls: around 750kB for one minute of calling.
  • Calls to mobile numbers or landlines: around 150kB for one minute of calling.
  • Video calls between two mobile phone devices: around 4MB for one minute of video calling.
  • Video calls between a mobile phone and a computer: around 4.5MB for one minute of video calling.


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