I arrived in a new country. Why am I not connected?

Each time you arrive in a new country, check that your Cellular (Mobile) Data settings are still correct. Sometimes, these settings can be reset by the local network. The settings should be:

  • Cellular Data ON
  • Data Roaming ON
  • APN set to "gigsky" (without the quotation marks)

The SIM card will switch to the preferred network of that country and, if you have bought a data plan for that country, you'll be able to start using mobile data. If you haven't bought a data plan, you'll still be able to reach app.gigsky.com, or use the GigSky app, to buy a plan.

NOTE: This process can take up to 30 minutes the first time you enter a new country. This is due to the device and SIM having to search for the correct local network operator, and then communicate with the GigSky database to confirm your location and your access to the mobile data network. Please be patient. After this first connection, each time you turn on your device during your visit to that country, you should be connected in less than a minute.

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