Why does my iOS device drop the Wi-Fi connection to my mobile hotspot?

GigSky customers using mobile Wi-Fi hotspots with Apple devices have been noticing problems when connecting to the Wi-Fi network generated by the mobile hotspot. This is due to the iOS device behaving as if it is connected to a 'subscription network', and there is a full description of this behavior on Apple's support website:


When you join the Wi-Fi network created by the mobile hotspot, the iOS device may show a web page with the words 'Log In' at the top. Any attempt to navigate away from that page will result in disconnection from the Wi-Fi network.

The solution to this is to turn off the Auto-Login setting:

  1. On your iOS device, tap Settings > Wi-Fi.
  2. Tap  next to the network name.
  3. Turn OFF Auto-Login.

This issue only affects iOS devices. We have checked Android and Windows devices, and none of them had an "Auto-Login" setting, or exhibit this connectivity problem.

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