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New Offshore data plans have been launched

On June 4th, 2024, we launched a new set of data plans for our North Sea / Gulf of Mexico offshore and In-flight customers. The eSIMs that are currently used for these plans are reaching their end of life and we have introduced new eSIMs that provide global coverage, not just for offshore and in-flight. Some of you may already have one of these eSIMs if you have used our mobile data service on land.

What this means for you

  • Existing data plans will continue to work until they expire.
  • To continue using our data service offshore or in-flight in the future, you will need to purchase one of our new data plans. You'll find them in the GigSky app, named either:
    • North Sea - Offshore, or
    • Gulf of Mexico - Offshore
  • This will trigger the installation of a new eSIM, unless you’ve already used our service on land and still have that eSIM installed on your device.
  • Once you’re up and running with the new plans, and your old plans have expired, you should delete the old eSIM to avoid any confusion when selecting the correct eSIM for your GigSky service.

If you have any questions about this, please email our Contact Center at

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