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How much data will my apps use?

Although usage depends on a number of factors, here are some examples of the amount of data some apps may use:

Netflix streaming usage depends on the quality of the video. For high quality video, it’s around 3 GB per hour. Whereas for streaming low quality and medium quality videos, the usage is around 0.3 GB and 0.7 GB per hour respectively.

YouTube streaming data usage varies from approximately 360 MB per hour for a Standard Definition video to 1.5 GB per hour for a High Definition video.

Video conferencing (e.g. Zoom, Microsoft Teams) uses roughly about 225 MB of data per hour to 2.5 GB per hour. However, the usage depends on multiple factors, such as video quality, audio quality, and the number of participants.

Skype voice calls use approximately 100 MB to 180 MB per hour. Skype video calls use around 270 MB to 1.35 GB per hour depending on the video quality.

Web browsing uses approximately 100 MB to 180 MB per hour. 

Social media apps like Instagram and Facebook consume a large amount of data. Facebook uses around 360 MB per hour, and one hour usage of Instagram consumes about 720 MB.


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