Can I use Personal Hotspot / tethering with a GigSky SIM?

iOS Devices

Apple controls the functionality available to Mobile Data users through the Carrier Settings.

On iPad:

If you have the latest version of iOS and accept all carrier settings updates, you can use the Personal Hotspot feature on an iPad with both Apple SIM and GigSky SIM.

On iPhone:

You cannot use the Personal Hotspot function on the iPhone with GigSky SIM.


It should be possible to use the Portable Wi-Fi hotspot feature on most Android devices (Samsung, ASUS, ZTE). However, we have recently discovered that Moto smartphones (e.g. E4, G4) do not permit the use of the personal hotspot with our SIM card.

Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspots

The best way to use your GigSky SIM data service with more than one Wi-Fi-enabled device is to use it in a mobile Wi-Fi router.

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