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Each time I try to buy a plan using PayPal, it fails due to ‘pre-approval failed’


This means that the pre-approval for GigSky purchases in your PayPal account has been deleted or has expired.


You must remove your PayPal account as a payment method from the Gigsky app, and then add it again.

NOTE for Apple SIM customers: It is not possible to add PayPal as a payment method through the iPad Cellular Data interface. Instead, you must use our web client:

  • Log into your account using a web browser at
  • Go to the menu and select Payment / Payment Methods to find the option to add Paypal.
  • Add your PayPal account.
  • Go through the procedure for buying a GigSky data plan from the Cellular Data menu on the iPad. PayPal should now be available as a payment method.
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