Using a GigSky SIM card in a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot

Refer to the documentation for your device for generic configuration instructions:

  • Connect to the router’s Wi-Fi network using your computer, tablet or smartphone. Note: The default Service Set IDentifier (SSID) and wireless network encryption key should be indicated on your hotspot. NOTE: iOS devices (iPhones or iPads) have a feature called Auto-Login which is enabled by default, and can cause your iOS device to be disconnected from the hotspot’s Wi-Fi network. To turn Auto-Login off:
    • On your iOS device, go to Settings > Wi-Fi.
    • Find the hotspot’s Wi-Fi network name in the list of networks, and tap the (i) to the right of the name.
    • Turn off the Auto-Login setting.
  • Connect to the router's admin interface. For example, open in your web browser. The url for your device may be different.
  • Click the “Log In” link: e.g. Username - admin, Password - admin. Username and password for your device may be different.
  • Verify that the Profile (APN) setting is set to "gigsky" (without quotation marks). You will have to create a new profile if one doesn't already exist for GigSky:
    • APN type = Static
    • APN name = gigsky
    • Leave the User name and Password fields blank.
  • Verify the Network Settings:
    • Auto select network
    • Auto connect to network
    • Data roaming enabled
  • Reboot the device
  • Using the admin interface, verify that the device is connected to the internet.

A few hints for data usage when using a Wi-Fi hotspot:

  • To your device (phone, tablet, computer), the mobile hotspot will look exactly like any other wifi connection you may use.
  • Any settings for App downloads or podcast downloads that are configured to "automatically download" when connected to Wi-Fi, will use the mobile hotspot Wi-Fi connection to download apps, iOS or Android OS updates, or podcasts and will use your data plan.
  • Consider turning off automatic backups - the backups will use the mobile hotspot to send backups to iCloud or other cloud-based backup services.
  • The MB/GB shown on the mobile hotspot display is the amount of data used, not the amount remaining.
  • Turn off your device overnight when not in use.
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