Using the GigSky app on an iPad to report connectivity issues

Although iPad users cannot buy GigSky data plans using the GigSky app, the app does allow customers to report connectivity issues quickly and effectively. This functionality is primarily aimed at Enterprise customers, but retail customers can also use the app to report issues, if they wish.

To set up and use the app to report issues, take the following steps:

  1. Download the app from the Apple App Store and install it on the iPad.
  2. When you first run the app, you will be prompted to carry out an initial setup:
  3. After tapping Set Up, you will be prompted to provide some information which we require in order to troubleshoot your connectivity issue:
    1. Email ID - The email address of the person we should communicate with about the issue.
    2. ICCID of the GigSky SIM - This can be found in the iPad’s Settings. Go to Settings > General > About and tap and hold your finger on the ICCID field. A Copy button will appear. Tap that and return to the app. Tap and hold your finger in the ICCID field of the Setup screen. A Paste button will appear. Tap that to paste the ICCID value into the field.
    3. For eSIM, the EID - This can be found and copied by using the procedure described in the previous step, but this time selecting the value in the field labeled EID.

4. After tapping Submit, you’ll be taken to the GigSky app home screen. This is the screen you’ll see the next time you open the app: To report an issue, tap Report Connectivity Issue. You’ll be prompted to provide some details about the issue:

5. Enter the requested information and tap Submit. The report will be sent to the GigSky Contact Center the next time the iPad connects to the internet.

If you have any questions about this document, please get in touch with our Contact Center at +1 650 924 9022 (United States), +44 203 608 0394 (United Kingdom), or at

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