IMPORTANT! All GigSky data plans have been refreshed.

On Monday, March 13th, 2023, GigSky released all new data plans, bringing better coverage and pricing to travelers the world over, and bringing the data plans available on our plastic SIM cards and eSIMs into alignment.

If you have an active data plan purchased before that date, it will continue to work until it expires, either because the data balance reaches zero, or the expiration date and time is reached. Note that you WON’T be able to top up this plan. If you want to buy more data for the location you’re in, you must buy one of our new plans.


Additional information for eSIM customers

When you buy one of the new plans, this will trigger the download of a new eSIM. Once any old plans you have expire, this new eSIM will be the only eSIM you’ll need to use GigSky’s service with one caveat. If you’re traveling to the North Sea, Gulf of Mexico, or India, the plans for those destinations still require you to use the “GigSky Plan 5” eSIM.

If you need any help working out which GigSky eSIMs are no longer needed on your device, please contact our Customer Support Team. They are always happy to help.

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